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Mindful Eating

      Mindful Eating, also known as Intuitive Eating, is a trending approach to reconditioning our attitudes towards eating. In a previous blog post, I talked about eating healthy vs healthy eating. And this new blog post will discuss both in the context of mindful eating.

What is mindful eating?

     It is about listening to our bodies and appreciating the feedback that it is giving us. Using this feedback thoughtfully can help us develop a positive relationship with food. Basically, it is a practice of being aware of what, why, and how much food is being consumed.

First of all, the basic function of eating…

     We eat food for energy so that our body can function the way it is supposed to, so that we can do the things we need and want to like going to work, planning a vacation, playing basketball, etc. Basically, when our body is out of fuel, hunger signals us that we need to feed it to sustain us to continue to live (very important!). Another indication for eating is the fact that our brain and body feel rewarded when we feed them and feed them well! This kind of reward feedback loop is what pushes us to repeatedly eat periodically. If eating food was not enjoyable, who would continue doing it? Have you ever been sick and nothing tasted right, and you were turned off from eating? Yea, that’s what I mean. This is why it is especially important to consistently eat foods that have high-quality nutrition, but with only a little treat now and then. It truly is a privilege to be able to eat and to feel good about it. And there you go,       When we actually think about the way we approach our dietary habits and practices, we start to practice mindful eating. Try to get rid of distractions like eating in front of a television or computer screen. Respect the dining experience and try to enjoy it! Eating is important for survival, but it is also one of the greatest pleasures in life. When it is done with care, the relationship with food should not trigger feelings of guilt or regret.

Check out my upcoming blog post on the “what” component of Mindful Eating!

Harmonize with food, Kat

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