Mindful Eating – The “What”

    The “what” concerns what types of food are available and selected. Are chips the option because they are convenient and a staple in the cabinet or the vending machine at work? Or can packing some fresh fruit with a handful of nuts (or yogurt, cottage cheese, hard boiled egg, etc) be a better option? Planning healthy foods and snacks in advance plays an important role in mindful eating. Putting in some “food for thought” gives an advantage of nourishing the body with more nutritious options. On the other hand, if your body is occasionally telling you that it really wants a taste of a brownie, then go ahead and enjoy an appropriate amount! Even after a long day of working hard, leisure time is just as important too! It is about listening to your body, not ignoring or denying it.

Confession: I have a giant sweet tooth, and I can find my way to any dessert. Many times I find it hard to say “no” and what I do is tell myself that while I can have that piece of cake, I can choose not to have it either. This empowers me to check myself and remember that I would still be okay with not indulging because it was my decision and not a fickle temptation. Sometimes, I don’t even actually like some of the ingredients used, but will have a fear of missing out (FOMO, am I right?). In these situations, I just wait it out, kind of letting fate give me a sign. If that dessert or food is still there or still on my mind in half an hour, then I will have a bite of it. If it is no longer there (already completely consumed, or thrown out), then that means I wasn’t meant to eat it. And if I was actually hungry, there are so many other options of food available anyways. It is kind of kooky, but it works. As a shopping addict, this is also how I control my spending habits, ha! If it is out of stock, then too bad, maybe next time.

Another option: I can find a friend to share with so we can both have our cake and eat it too, literally! We decrease the portion size but still get to savor a taste of the treat. It is also a great bonding experience as well! Eating is a very social activity, and having a shared experience over amazing food increases serotonin from the food itself, thereby attributing you and your friend with happy feelings towards each other. Super cheesy, I know, but it’s a real thing!

Harmonize with food,


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