Pediatric Nutrition


An evaluation of your child’s nutrition is a good starting point to design an eating strategy to optimize growth.

Counseling & Education

Receive ongoing family-centered support to navigate the complexities of healthy eating within and outside the household.


Decrease the chances of developing common diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc by having a dietitian guide you in healthy eating habits to ensure good and balanced nutrition.

Disease Management

Disease outcomes and severity are greatly influenced by diet. Implementing nutrition therapy can improve quality of life while living with medical conditions.


Common concerns experienced in childhood:

Picky Eating

Childhood Overweight/Obesity

Underweight/Failure to Thrive

Sports Nutrition

Food Allergies/Intolerance

Developmental Disabilities (Tube Feeding, Formula, Textured Diets, etc)

Fatty Liver

Nutritional Deficiencies



Cardiac Disease / Hypertension

….please call to inquire if issue is not listed above