Dental Concerns

Oral issues can make eating a challenge, which makes meal planning difficult. It can limit food options, affecting diet quality.  Receive customized tips and strategies for ensuring adequate nutrient intake during temporary oral mechanical difficulties.


An evaluation of your child’s nutrition is a good starting point to design an eating strategy to optimize growth.


Receive ongoing family-centered support to navigate the complexities of healthy eating within and outside the household.


Be an informed consumer when shopping at the grocery store, dining out, and planning meals and snacks. Learn how nutrition can affect you and your dental health and vice versa.


Common oral issues:

Dental Caries/Cavities

Enamel Erosion

Oral Pain

Missing Teeth

Periodontal Disease

Orthodontic Treatment

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Modified Texture Diet (Pureed, Mechanically Soft, Chopped, etc.)


….please call to inquire if your issue is not listed above